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Kundalini Voice Activation 

Renew with your Inner Voice

An approach who integrates jazz and classical vocal techniques within a restaurative concept inspired by yoga, qi qong, pranayama, meditation, chakra balancing, egypto-essenien healing and lithotherapy.

Through the guidance of the 5 elements

Ether: The presence

Ether is the presence, the primordial element for activating inner alchemy. We can't change ourselves but we can create the space to invite the change to happen... Becoming more present is the key.

Earth element: Self-awareness; self-confidence

We reconnect with the Earth element as we bring presence deeper into our sensations, inviting ourselves to come back into our own physicality. Our body is our own Earth.

Self-awareness allows us to stand in our security and self-confidence within ourselves.


Air element: Breathe; renew your with your roots

The air element guides us to renew with our inner roots as we bring more conscious space inside ourselves. We remember how to recieve and how to be centered througt breathing and self awarness. We become more aware of our alignment, bowndaries and the balance between the inside and outside worlds.


Fire element: Vibrate; experience your inner power

We reconnect with the fire element through breath awarness and vocal exersices that activate the abdo-perineum connection. The support of the perineum is fundamental to the expression and discovery of our inner voice. As we let ourselves be supported by our base, we naturally increase the pranic vitality of our body, mind and spirit, and rediscover our creative potentials.


Water element: Let go; free yourself from obstacles

The water element is our basic connection with our emotions and the quality of the heart. We allow the quality of compassion to reveal our inner tension and resistance, and dissolve it through the acceptance of the heart. Our awareness activates an inner alchemy that invites all necessary transformation.

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